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Having a real impact on people and on the development of emerging countries has become a claim for numerous initiatives. A growing number of companies find social business against poverty appealing, with new technologies and business models allowing them to be more profitable while improving living conditions and opportunities for populations. A new generation of entrepreneurs, and workers seeking a more meaningful job, are investing time and money in such activities, requiring both a thoughtful comprehension of the field and a wider understanding of the balance of world economics. NGOs have also drastically evolved, seeking to set up long run solutions including business models, and more often new technologies. Last but not least, international institutions have become more concerned about the true impact of their policies, and eager to find innovative solutions to maximize, measure, and communicate this impact.
The idea behind ImpactPeople is that it is interesting to follow initiatives that aim to have this impact on people, but also to help build and strengthen a community of Impact People, concerned with these issues, eager to exchange on these topics, no matter their job sector, their age or their nationality.


Laura Pargade grew a strong interest in economic journalism after her MBA and professional experience at the World Bank. Always attracted by the theme of development in emerging countries, she works as a consultant, alongside her journalistic missions, to help impact companies in their activities on the African continent. Currently enrolled in a Micromaster at MIT in Data, Economics, and Development Policies, she investigates new ways to collect data to better understand local populations, and develops impact studies using video. She is also very active in the field of capacity building for local actors of change.

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Antoine Sebastianutti graduated with a master’s degree in Engineering, with a particular focus on smart electronic management systems. In 2014, he carried out a round-the-world tour of sustainable entrepreneurship to identify initiatives that have a real impact on populations in developing countries. He is now head of operations in Africa for Sunna Design, a French innovation company commited to bringing access to energy and digital technology to rural areas. Also enrolled in the MIT Micromaster taught by the J-PAL, he seeks to better understand the economics of development and what they imply for impact companies.

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