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Freedom Ministry exists to empower you to become the person God created and redeemed you to be. We believe that God has created each person with a specific identity and purpose - a set of talents, skills, and personality traits all God-given (Psalm 139:11). Freedom is a journey - a journey to grow closer to God.

Is Freedom for me?

Whether you're completely new to this Christian life or have decades of church going under you belt, Freedom could be for you. Through the different teaching the main goal is to challenge each person to see some parts of scripture in a different light, encourage you to seek to really hear God, and provide you with some practical steps to identify lies you may be or have been believing and replace those with God's truth. We've often said the only criteria for needing Freedom is living and breathing! If you qualify then we highly encourage you to give it a try and come join us on the journey.

Why do I need Freedom?

Unfortunately, we all have an Enemy whose main objective is to steal, kill, and destroy (Jn 10:10). The goal of Freedom Ministry is to cast light on many of the ways that the Enemy tries to steal our identity and trap us with lies about ourselves, others, and even God. Ultimately, Freedom is more than walking through some classes - it is a journey in growing closer to God. So, come join us and allow us to journey alongside yo in discovering and becoming exactly who God has created you to be!

What are my next Steps in the journey of Freedom?

(More information coming soon)